Agaaaaain?!?! with the Fridge Cleaning?

It seems unfair.  My husband gets to go to work and be welcomed with new challenges every day.  His workspace is organized, because he has a boss who points him in the direction he wants John to go for the day.

“Hi, John!  Today you’ll be going here.  And today you’ll be doing this.  Don’t worry about tomorrow, that day hasn’t come yet.  Here’s what you have on your schedule for today.  Oh, and also, here’s your paycheck ’cause it’s Friday!”

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Sorry folks!  I turned the comments off again….I have accidentally left them on a few times but as a rule they aren’t turned on.

I’ve gone back and forth with some groups about leaving them on and amazingly (but not shockingly) the parties on both sides of the “Comments” thing are pretty set in their ways.

The rule, I have discovered through much discussion with some smarty pants people (also read: much more successful and amazing people than me!) that I am a huge minority.  I don’t believe in leaving the comments on for this blog because of a few reasons…and since people ask I’ll just say it here!  So you all know!

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What to Do With A Day Off

Saving Money – Home Haircuts

Let’s talk haircuts for just a minute!

I always suggest, of course, that you cut your children’s hair yourself to save money. Bunches of people I know do this and we have done it for as long as I can remember. The times I usually don’t do it:  occasionally around tax return time we all get one hair cut, and when we donated to Locks of Love I didn’t take that one into my own hands. That was a lot of hair coming off that I didn’t want to be responsible for!

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Failing at everything


Today was not my day.

It wasn’t anyone’s day for that matter, because being around me was not a fun experience today.

It was one of those days where I just couldn’t bear the thought that I was failing.  At everything.

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Just Do It, Momma!

Wow!  What a day.

You know sometimes you have those days where you just don’t think you can make it all the way through?

Today was one of those days, because I overcommitted myself, but it was totally worth it!

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A Case of the Mondays

Well!  We had quite a couple of weeks.  I can’t remember EVER just falling asleep in the middle of the day like I did.  I rested.  I was waited on hand and foot.  And the children got fed and to school, but not by my own doing.

That’s right folks.  I had a helper this week!  Sounds glamours, eh?  Sleeping during the day.  Not having to take my kids to school.  Um…or pick them up.

But wait until I tell you that the reason I was sleeping during the day is that I had probably the strangest virus I’ve ever had.  It was bad, for sure.  But also just very, very weird!

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He MAKES me lie down in green pastures!

Life moves so fast…just a week ago (or was that two weeks….??) at church, the preacher said that even for him, life moves so quickly. And that entire weekends, entire weeks, months, and years can pass by so fast that we don’t even realize it.
That’s definitely the speed I was going this morning.

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Money Talks

Aaaallllrighty folks.

Here’s another video!

This one is sooo long, but after spending hours editing out many of the “Umm’s” and “This is harder than it looks!” I felt like it was okay to leave it as long as it turned out.  I’ll work on making a better outline from now on, the one I was following works for writing posts but not at all for making videos!  Plus I’m a girl, we talk more.

This video is a kind of overview unpacking how some of us generally feel toward money, and how we feel being “stuck” where we are.  Yes it’s rambly, but it’s fun to learn new things and this is DEFINITELY a new thing for me!


Wow thanks Pinterest hacker

Have you met me?!  I want to do a lot of things, but lose weight is not one of them.

Sorry guys for the random before and after pins to my Pinterest Boards!  I think I got them deleted……maybe?

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