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“How to Be Poor!”

Oh my goodness!!!  Start your holiday shopping right now!!  The thing that has gotten so much of my attention and so much of my heart for the last two years is finally here!

God is perfectly wonderful :0)

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The Invisibles

Well that was fast!  It will take a while to be able to order it directly on your Kindle, but if you need it now, here is the link:

You can read it on the web just the same.  Have fun!


The Invisibles – Chapters 3 and 4!

Chapter 3 is actually two chapters long…..I put them both in together.  Happy Saturday reading!


The Invisibles – Chapter Two

You can find Chapter Two here:

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The Invisbles

In my spare time (mwuahahaha!  that’s funny) I wrote another book.  This one is not informational, it’s not serious, it’s just playful.

Just for fun!

This is a grab your cup of coffee and waste a few minutes kind of book.  My favorite! Continue Reading…

18 Best . . .


Everything I write will be geared toward mothers who want to make a difference in their lives, and want to do so without a big financial committment.  This booklet, which was a practice project to see if I could learn how to format an ebook correctly (which I did!), is filled with ideas on how to generate income for your family with NO money for startup costs.  This way, whatever your passion happens to be (and we all usually have several), you can try your hand at making each one a reality without taking a risk financially.  The only things involved are your time and your passion.  If you don’t have passion for what you’re doing, then it doesn’t matter how much time you spend on it, it will never be successful.  You have to enjoy it.  You have to want it! 

This booklet is currently available on, on your iPad, Kindle, Sony ereader, Barnes and Noble’s Nook, through the (free) Stanza App for the iPhone, and most other electronic platforms.

You can view it directly on your computer here.